Clinisept+ Cleansing Antimicrobial Skin Care (490ml)

Clinisept+ Cleansing Antimicrobial Skin Care (490ml)


Cleans, calms and protects your skin.

For use in clinic before, during and following an aesthetic procedure to provide optimum skin hygiene and protect against complications without causing irritation.

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Clinisept+ Skin applies the latest proprietary hypochlorous technology to ensure high levels of cleansing. Its antimicrobial properties deliver optimal hygiene and protection without stinging or irritation.

Due to its oxidising method of action, Clinisept+ is not susceptible to antimicrobial resistance and is also an effective deodoriser.

The benefits

Cleansing with Clinisept+ Skin provides a far more pleasant experience for your clients than traditional skin cleansers, which can themselves cause redness as well as dry the skin.

Clinisept+ Skin leaves no residue or chemical burden, unlike traditional skin cleansing chemistries. Clinisept+ Skin advanced hypochlorous technology that has a unique oxidising method of action which cleanses and provides antimicrobial protection, but is also gentle on the skin: it doesn’t harm, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer.

Vegan friendly and cruelty free skin care.

Clinisept+ Skin offers a completely new approach to professional skin cleansing that maximises protection against complications and optimises patient outcomes.

Directions for use

Clinisept+ Skin is a ready to use aqueous solution. It should be decanted into a gallipot and then carefully wiped on to the skin using a gauze or pad.

The skin should be thoroughly wetted. It can be used throughout a procedure to keep the skin clean and soothed. Once the procedure is complete, a wetted gauze can be left to soak on the treated area to calm and cool.

Clinisept+ Skin is non-sensitising to the respiratory system and doesn’t irritate the eyes.

Suitable for

Clinisept+ Skin is recommended for use before, during and after all cosmetic and aesthetic procedures to ensure highly effective microbial control and protection against complications.

It is suitable for use before procedures such as;

  • Injectables
  • Microneedling
  • Microblading
  • Micropigmentation
  • Laser Treatments
  • Peels
  • Electrocautery
  • Depilatory

Used after a procedure, it keeps the skin clean and provides the optimum conditions for natural healing to occur.

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